• Fathers Day Gift Guide 2020

    Fathers day 2020 is once again upon us, and with this year being the unusual time to celebrate I thought I would share with you some wonderful fun things to give to your dad, or perhaps get the children to give to their dad for the special day. I need to start this post with funny stories and share with you what I often do for fathers day, very similar with mothers day, I forget it. My dads birthday is in the same month as fathers day so more often than not I’m so preoccupied with what to get him for his birthday that before I know it Fathers Day has bypassed me and im in a rush at to what to get him. WELL not this year that’s for sure, I am prepared and ready to spoil him rotten for both of these days. While due to COVID19 he is currently at home isolating as he unfortunately is part of the high risk category, he not long before lockdown occurred had a heart operation and has a certain heart issue called Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and therefor needs to stay safe and while I did briefly get to see him at the weekend… View Post

    Valentines Day 2020 Gift Guide

    I am really excited for valentines day this year, for the past 10 years I have been with someone who considered buying flowers randomly or celebrating valentines was a waste of time and money but this year I am full of hope and love and excited to be with someone who like me also experienced being shut down about it all, so naturally I am equally excited to be able to do a valentines day gift guide and share with you some wonderful goodies and exciting shops which you can purchase and surprise your loved ones.   Appleyard Valentines Flowers – Flowers are by far my favourite thing to get, either from someone or even for myself, I adore Appleyard which is a online florist that you can get all sorts of wonderful blooms that can brighten your day, I have worked with Appleyard before and I just love the care they have for the customers and flowers. Oggs Chocolate Fudge Cupcakes – Who doesn’t like chocolate fudge cakes, these delightfully moist cakes are in fact vegan which I find fantastic as they do not even taste how I expected, while they did get a little smooshed in transit you… View Post