• Harley Hound and Red Spotted Ned // Blog Tour // Books

    Reading and bedtime often walk hand in hand, and although my two eldest children are strong and capable readers my youngest daughter Robin still enjoys being read to at bed time. When we moved it was her idea to create a book area under the stairs to house all the books we’ve acclimated over the years. But of course we are always hungry for more fun and enjoyable books to read together at bedtime. Harley Hound and Red Spotted Ned are two wonderful books written by Chris Jones, inspired by when his son was read books by his mum, and once it came to Chris’ turn to read the books, he chose to create his own stories and adventures full of superpowers and never ending tails. After dealing with the break down of his relationship Chris jumped back into writing a story he and his fiancee started and found working on the story and completing it helped him heal and with myself having had to deal with the breakdown of my relationship in late 2019 I can fully understand how therapeutic throwing yourself into something to deal with the heartbreak. We all come out of the other end with a… View Post

    Victoria Mae Designs ‘Jane Austin’ Tea // Review

    AD – Contains Gifted Products (Disclaimer) During my normal day while I go about my usual daily jobs I always find time to stop, sit down and have a nice warm cup of tea. My personal favorite is Twinings English breakfast, I cannot get enough of the stuff and when I was kindly offered a chance to test out and review some beautiful tea gift packages. Of course I said yes please! A  G O O D  B R E W Victoria Mae; a designer and illustrator based in the Irish city of Belfast has decided to set up a charming and delightful gift shop online with a large collection of beautifully designed gifts. Victoria Mae specializes in printed patterns which it is clear in the products she has on offer. From her passion for the unique and of course tea, Victoria Mae created a wonderful range of tableware, wedding favors and some lovely looking tea themed gifts for all who just might enjoy a good cuppa. Launching her range and business; Victoria Mae Designs in 2012, each little package of tea that comes in these gift packages contains one teabag, the packaging itself is beautifully designed with stunning colors… View Post

    Beautiful Art Prints by Created by Magic // Review and Giveaway!

    Art is a something of beauty, regardless of how its made child made or professionally, I love putting artwork up. What with moving into a new house I was given the chance to truly express myself with artwork. Despite not being able to repaint any of the walls, it hasn’t stopped me from putting up new pieces of art and beautiful art prints. As you are all probably well aware of from my social media and from various blog posts on my blog. I love cats, I have shared all sorts of posts about them ranging from custom socks and beautiful comfortable pet comforts. But do you know what I do not have much of? Art prints of my friendly feline friends! I do however have a stunning piece of art that my aunt made that is of my mainecoon Loki; However I felt the other furry friend in my life needed to be on my walls too. C R E A T E D  B Y  M A G I C Created by Magic is a wonderful website that you can use to buy beautiful and amazing gifts. From absolutely stunning wedding stationery to beautiful art prints of your… View Post

    The Baby Hamper // A Gift for new mums this Christmas // Review

    As my time having babies is since long gone, it doesn’t mean I cannot enjoy and share some of the fantastic products that are available at the minute to gift to new mums. The Baby Hamper Company are a delightful little company started new mum Chloe and Christine, a new nan wanted to find the perfect gift for new mums which are unique and simple, it is actually, from experience, hard to find a perfect gift for a new mum that isn’t an offer to clean her home or cook dinner for her, but occasionally a little box with a few essentials means the absolute world to us. There are all sorts of Baby Hampers to gift, ranging from single babies, boy or girl to twins, luxury hampers and hampers with personalised items inside them which I am big on when it came to buying things for my babies in the early days, there is also a create your own hamper as well so you can add your own personal twist on what you can gift inside the box. I think what I love the most about what The Baby Hamper company have to offer is that not only are… View Post

    Getting Our Tree from Larkins Farm // Review // Christmas 2020

    Finding our Christmas tree this year was always going to be a task, due to Covid 19 and the fact that England was once again in a lighter version of lockdown, I was extremely worried that we wouldn’t get one. However through the children’s’ school and a wonderful email that they sent out that gave us all a 20% discount code for a local Christmas tree seller, I was feeling a lot more relaxed in the knowledge that our dream Christmas would be coming true after all. Larkins Farm which is located right in the middle of Epping and Chelmsford, I had no idea there was one there or that they offered a delivery to your door services, but with the fact that we couldn’t actually go out and get the tree, I decided to order one from them thanks to the schools discount code. After thinking it through and talking with my children we decided on going for a much smaller but longer lasting potted tree, going with a 4 foot tree that would end up in the garden when we finally move sounded like a perfect idea for us, while we would of course continue getting trees inside… View Post