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    • AD // Love Snacking with The British Snack Company. // Review

      AD // Love Snacking with The British Snack Company.  // Review
    • Adventures to Paradise Wildlife Park // Days Out

      Adventures to Paradise Wildlife Park // Days Out
    • Selfie Bag’s New Design // Review

      Selfie Bag’s New Design // Review
    • Labour in One Word // Parenting

      Labour in One Word // Parenting

    Fathers Day Gift Guide 2020

    Fathers day 2020 is once again upon us, and with this year being the unusual time to celebrate I thought I would share with you some wonderful fun things to give to your dad, or perhaps get the children to give to their dad for the special day. I need to start this post with funny stories and share with you what I often do for fathers day, very similar with mothers day, I forget it. My dads birthday is in the same month as fathers day so more often than not I’m so preoccupied with what to get him for his birthday that before I know it Fathers Day has bypassed me and im in a rush at to what to get him. WELL not this year that’s for sure, I am prepared and ready to spoil him rotten for both of these days. While due to COVID19 he is currently at home isolating as he unfortunately is part of the high risk category, he not long before lockdown occurred had a heart operation and has a certain heart issue called Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and therefor needs to stay safe and while I did briefly get to see him at the weekend… View Post

    Lockdown Two Months In // Personal

    Another month down being at home being in lockdown, social distancing and being off school, Lockdown has changed a lot since the first time I wrote about being at home, some of them for the better and some not so much so I wanted to run through all the things we’ve done and felt during this second month. M E N T A L  H E A L T H Surprisingly doing well, we all seem to be doing very well during this second month, I am the queen of being at home even when I an told not too so finding things to do to pass the time when I do not have the children has been pretty easy. I’ve been playing a lot of Call of Duty and Animal Crossing New Horizons, read a few books and of course worked on my blog a bit. its been rather liberating to not have to go outside for more than a walk or a trip to the woods for a walk. The children have enjoyed being at home, they seemed to love the idea of daily walks and school work, which ill get onto in a minute, all in all… View Post

    What I got from Lush // Beauty

    I love lush, and since we’ve been stuck inside Ive missed the ability to go to a store and grab some beautifully scented bath products. thankfully Lush is delivering orders placed online so of course I had to place an order, I shared before what I got from them in a previous haul post and I always enjoy sharing what I treated myself too. And what better than having a lovely Lush order apart from getting the chance to share with you what I got in a little haul post, little isn’t the world I would describe this of course, but I know a lot of people love seeing and hearing about bath and beauty products so here we go. B A T H  B O M B S Not being the biggest bath bomb lover, recently Ive started to really enjoy them, I am somewhat addicted to watching bath cocktail cuttings and mixings on instagram so I tend to add a bath bomb to an already bubbly bath to create a further mix of fun in the tub. The bombs that I picked are all a complete mixture, I wanted to find some that my children could enjoy so… View Post

    Whats the Deal with Animal Crossing // Gaming

    There has been strange things going on at the minute, for one thing we are all stuck in doors with not a lot to do besides drink a lot and moan about being stuck indoors, and then there is Animal Crossing New Horizon! Animal Crossing New Horizon came to us at a time of need, beautifully distracting us from the horror of the world and keeping us all pretty much sane during all of lockdown. Released to the world on the 20th March 2020 and onto the Nintendo switch and its smaller counterpart the Switch Lite, it seemed to have united a collection of people into sharing recipes, flowers and other things that you can find in the game. I think one of my favourite things that has come out of New Horizon being released has simply been the amount of people who have never gamed at all in their life, pick up the new game and a new switch for themselves and joined a world of already crazy animal villager lovers. I won’t bore you with all the details of the game because lets face it, it has been out for a little while now and this isn’t a… View Post

    AD // Oopsie Heroes the Bedwetting Alarm // Review

    For roughly two months now we have been trying out Oopsie Heroes, which is a clever little device, it sits just outside of the Childs underwear and sounds an alert when it detects wetness. A couple of nights a week after returning home from I noticed that my youngest, Robin, had a tendency to sleep so heavily at night that she failed to get up and get herself to the toilet which has lead to a lot of damp bedclothes and a great deal of washing for me, deciding to place her back into pull-ups seemed to be the only solution to help prevent wetness but it didn’t fix the situation, and while she was dry every other night I wanted to find a different solution. In comes Oopsie Heroes, who offered me a chance to test out their product and share with you what I thought of it. I decided to give it a long trial due to the fact that I share time with the children with their dad and wanted to make sure to give it a fair and proper test when she was at home with me. ** The device itself is surprisingly not as heavy… View Post