• Adventure to Sealife London // Days Out

    During the half term, me and my children tried to get out as much as we could and I had to take them to sealife in London for the day, I booked our tickets online as it worked out a little cheaper and prepared for a fun little day in London. Before I used to shy in fear about taking my litter into London, but I’ve developed a little but of confidence and really wanted to get them to experience some of the wonderful tourist locations in our capital city. costing around £120 for the five of us, which I ordered a family ticket as it did indeed work out a lot cheaper as I said, we set the day for the Thursday. Getting there was nice and easy, the plan was to get the train to Liverpool Street train station and make the walk there, which wasn’t a bad walk, I did take the push chair purely for tired legs and for somewhere to put all the coats and lunches, on the walk to sealife we stopped beside the river and had our much needed lunch that I had packed for them and Matt showed them around a pier… View Post

    Visiting The Tate Modern // Days Out

    For a few weeks now I’ve been visiting London pretty regularly with my partner, we’ve done a few things together and one of them has been going into the wonderful Tate Modern. The Tate Modern is free, like a lot of the museums and galleries in London which is fantastic to be a tourist and waste a good afternoon browsing around the art work (because its free). Walking in from the main entrance in the huge turbine hall was this stunning fountain which you could sit on and enjoy, designed by Kara Walker, I love the exhibitions that are in the turbine hall as most of the time they are interactive for the public to enjoy and make what they want with it. The commissioned piece is inspired as you can probably see by the Victoria Memorial and you can have a little read about it here if you are interested in learning more. Making our way through the galleries, we first come across surrealism, its surprising when modern art started, I honestly thought, in my stupidity that modern art meant pretentious and snobbish but forgetting that Picasso was indeed considered modern art, there was I will admit many piece of… View Post

    Trip to the Natural History Museum | Days Out

    Now, I am not sure if I mentioned this before but I have a long standing history of being afraid of trains so thinking outside of my fear I wanted to take my children to London for the day. Sounds like a good idea yes? in theory, yes its a good idea, but in practice I honestly will not be going again until I am driving because frankly the London underground isn’t very accessible to buggies.. but enough of my complaints.. Our day started off around about half 5 am, kai had a doctors appointment that morning so once that was sorted we then met my friend Sian and her little boy Corey in town who was also coming along to London, because frankly i didn’t want to go alone, we got our tickets and made our way to the platform, with me slightly panicking about the idea of going on a train with my kids but it went well, the children loved sitting up at the window and watching the countryside go by. Once we arrived at Tottenham Hale we had to get into the underground which Kai was excited for, I however was not, we got the underground… View Post

    Adventures to Knebworth House | Days Out

    These weeks in the summer holidays are certainly flying past and due to chicken pox and occasional bad weather a lot of our plans have gone out of the window, but as my wonderful mum had some days off to spend some time with me and the kids, we decide to head out to Knebworth gardens and house, which is this big fancy Manor House in near Were. I had originally found this place when looking for fun things to do with the children on facebook and someone shared a blog which talked about it, the fact that it had a huge slide and a dinosaur trail was the big selling point for the children so we planned a day out. We did make the silly choice of going before lunch time so everyone in the car kept talking about being hungry, thankfully we had some snacks ready and once we got there we had planned on grabbing some lunch which was the choice between a cheese toaste or a ham toaste, the children decided on ice cream, nice and healthy haha! but I knew we was going to have a large dinner I wasn’t too worried about what went… View Post

    Adventures to Ashridge

    Whenever I see my boyfriend we always plan some days out together, sometimes its a simple trip to the coast which is by far my favourite of adventures but lately I am obsessed with going on long walks around gardens and beautiful places. The other weekend when my children went to their dad and his girlfriends house, my lovely guy friend suggested we take a little trip to Ashridge, which is roughly 2000 acers of woodland with a beautiful home in the middle of it. it wasn’t to far away and compared to the other national trust locations wasn’t to expensive either. The weather of course wasn’t on our side but that didn’t stop us from having a wonderful Saturday walking around, exploring the woodland and catching glimpses of wildlife here and there, S was sure he saw a hornet and I of course kept the look out for any robins that I could see, there was so many old and beautiful trees dotted about and the trail we followed took us around this stunning meadow full of tall grass and fox gloves. Whenever I go to these places I always imagine that my children would love it, this by… View Post