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    I haven’t done one of these in the longest of times, mainly because I haven’t had the opportunity to get into a lush store and spend some money on their lovely products in a long time. but lately I’ve had the chance to get to not only just one lush store, but two and its best to say the least that I have enjoyed myself muchly. I think I’ve mentioned before that I am more of a bubble bar person than a bomb person but I really wanted to get into the whole cocktail mood that I see all over my instagram and mix and match some of their fun products, so in this post I am going to share with you what I got from one of my favourite shops on the high street. *** Twilight Bath Bomb – Being a huge fan of the Sleepy body cream I adore anything that’s lavender scented so this was one of the first ones I picked up, it was actually used in a bath for my children on their last night before school to help them sleep better, my whole house smelt like lavender, it was lovely. The Big Sleep Jelly Bomb –… View Post

    Victorian Flora RSPB Bath and Body Collection – Review

    Normally when we think of the RSPB it isn’t for beauty products or even toys, but more of the care and of course protection of our feathered friends. To help support this important charity every Christmas they have their own Christmas book that you can order gifts from for your family, or even for yourself if you fancy. One of the items in their book is these amazing skincare products which I was kindly sent to share with you. The Victorian Flora range is inspired by the Victorian gardens in which had been popular when the RSPB was founded all those years ago with a scent that reminds me of another product that I cannot put my finger on. The fantastic thing of buying from the RSPB Christmas book is knowing that the products are friendly to animals and to you, this bath set is vegan friendly and thankfully is not tested on animals which is something I always check when I purchase products from companies and also none of the wonderful scents that are included in the products are artificial. Another plus from me! Body Lotion The body lotion itself smells amazing, it feels light on my skin and… View Post