• September Monthly Goals // Lifestyle

    Good day to all who may read this post! Welcome back to another fun and exciting monthly goals. Due to the fact that my MacBook decided to break on me these goals have unfortunately been published a little later than expected but no matter, I wanted to once again share with you what I hope to achieve this month in September Monthly Goals. But oh well! Last monthly goals I set myself some tasks that I hoped to achieve, not all of them happened but I don’t look at them as goals ‘I must do’ rather than goals I aim to hit but its not much of an issue if I dont hit them. This months goals are similar but a little different, and of course once again they are goals that if I dont hit them all its no biggy!! S E P T E M B E R  M O N T H  G O A L S Be more adventurous – The goal for this month is now that my three children are back at school to go out a lot more on my own or with Neil. I am a notorious homebody and love being local… View Post

    How to cope with Blogging Inadequacy // Blogging

    I think we all go through this at some point in our lives, but I’ve noticed that since I have been writing and sharing my life I experienced some form of blogging inadequacy. It is of course completely normal to feel this way, you cannot be perfect all the time which I feel needs to be said more often. Taking breaks away from my blog has been the main thing for me to do when I am feeling utterly useless. I sometimes feel useless because I have taken a break because, well I call myself a blogger but I sometimes barely blog. I know this is all my fault, I find it hard to juggle my time with being a parent, trying to find a job that works around being a parent and not being able to turn my blog into a job so I can work around it all. So it really got me thinking, just how much other people all also feel the same sometimes. How packing it all in and forgetting my blog exists is something I have seen many bloggers who I follow talk about sometimes daily and it prompted me to think of some great… View Post

    60 Parenting Blog Ideas // Blogging

    How many times have you sat down and didn’t know what to write about? I often get this sort of writers block when i’ve had a good streak if ideas and I feel im out of them all. So I decided to create a little list for myself and for you to use as ideas on what to write when the brain fog floats in. Talk about your bed time routines Write about the shopping hauls Take time to review children’s products Share your parenting fails Read the news and write your opinion on it Write your children’s birth story Share your children’s funny stories Visit a local play area and write about it Share your family recipes Talk about the family pets Home Decor tips for families If your a single parent, dating tips and tricks Easy hairstyles for children and toddlers Share your greatest parenting moment Do some crafts and share the process Gift guides Always carry your camera and post a weekly photo of the week Share money saving tips Easy makeup tips for parents Share how you keep organised Talk about your past holidays and memories Write an open letter Share your co sleeping stories Review… View Post