• Christmas Eve and Tier 4 // Christmas.

    I had so many posts, so many ideas and plans and suddenly my county plus London was plunged into tier 4 which basically put every single plan we had basically down the toilet. Our original plan was to head to my mum’s house, bake things and eat chips, thankfully we can do two of those but going to my mum on Christmas eve has always been my routine since having the children, but once we knew we could no longer be with three family bubbles. Everything changed. How I feel is completely deflated, I’ve shared my feelings on my Twitter about how I just feel so utterly… blah about it all, we all sort of knew this was going to happen but you still cannot help feel down about it but I didn’t want to also just not post anything before i switch off and take a break until January. I truly hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas whatever and whoever you have it with and that you all stay safe and stay at home. Happy Christmas. Please follow and like us:

    The Christmas Tag 2020 // Christmas

    Yes I know, another little Christmas tag but how can I resist joining in with more when I enjoy doing them so much, big thanks to Ellie for tagging me so I can enjoy more fun tags to share! The Christmas Tag Rules Put on your favourite Christmas playlist to listen to while answering! Have a Christmas drink and/or snack while writing Thank the blogger who tagged you and link to their site Answer the 10 original questions Answer the questions set by whoever tagged you Ask 2 questions of your own Tag 6 bloggers to take part The Original Questions When do your decorations go up? – Whenever we buy the tree, this year the tree arrived on the 2nd of December so that’s when all the decorations went up, however, my home is covered in fairy lights, I think they went up nice and early this year heh Who is the Scrooge in your family or friendship group? – it used to be me, for the longest time, my nan died pretty close to Christmas when I was younger and it things didn’t feel right for the longest time, now that I’m a parent I am no longer the… View Post

    Frozen Unicorns // The Hilarious Game of Silly Statues // Review

    Frozen Unicorns from Gamely Games is a fun and easy game for children to pick up, learn and play for 3 or more players, the aim of the game is you, the guesser has to guess what the others have picked up from the pack of cards. The players need to select the cards from either pack of easy, medium or hard cards that all have a different animal or person on the back of it, while they are selecting their cards from the pile you either turn around or close your eyes, after everyone apart from you, the guesser has seen their cards count down from 5 and on 1 shout ‘FREEZE!’ which will indicate to the players that it is time to stand still, similar to musical statues, in the poses that they have on the card for example; Frozen Kangaroo. Once you have shouted freeze the players cannot move or make any sounds and you then have three chances to guess what they are, once you have guessed correctly or if in fact all three of your guesses have been used up, your turn as Guesser ends and another persons turn to have a go. The sillier… View Post

    Top 5 Favorite Christmas Songs // Christmas 2020

    Christmas songs are here, and if I am honest, they’ve probably been here since late October in some stores in our high street. I have avoided them until at least December, while I enjoy Christmas songs, I don’t want to listen to them too much and get fed up with them. However I do of course have my favourites, some of them aren’t as traditional as others, some I find it hard to even locate on Christmas playlists when I was a child, my mum had a Christmas album that I basically grew up with and holds a weird special place in my heart. It was released in 1995 and I have yet been able to find a better replacement, I have however created a Deezer playlist with these songs on them for my own personal enjoyment. 5 – Last Christmas, Wham! – This one has been growing on me for a few years, I can’t explain it but over the course of the past Christmases this one was never on my list of favourites but now its weeded its way into my life and I love it. The music video makes me wish I had a dozen good friends,… View Post

    Holly Jolly Tag // Christmas 2020

    I have not done one of these tags in years, I love doing tags as they are such a lovely way to learn a little more about the bloggers you follow and read, thanks to Mind Beauty Simplicity and her fun tag she shared on twitter that popped up in my feed, I decided to give it ago as well.. Christmas related.. of course! What is your favourite holiday movie? – Now, this one is a hard one, mainly because I have a few favourite Christmas movies, I have two, one is Home Alone, which is a great Christmas movie to enjoy with he children… and the other is Die Hard, yes I am one of those who think its a christmas film, because it is! What is your favorite Christmas color? – Green? is that a christmas colour? I tend to decorate completely random colours, currently my tree decorations are gold and blue with the odd random tartan thrown in… but definitely green Do you like to stay in your PJs or dress up for Christmas? – I like to dress up a bit, however this year I will be spending a lot of my time in my PJs because…… View Post