• Mud & Bloom July 2020 Box // Review

    Given that it is now summer holidays in England, and seeing Mud and Bloom advertised everywhere on my social medias I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try out this fun and interactive box designed for children in mind. Mud and Bloom was set up in December 2017 by a wonderful woman named Anja, who believed that all children, despite where they live should dive into the world of gardening and caring for plants and I have to agree, growing up in the countryside myself I have always been around farmers, big gardens, allotments and mud so I have always wanted to get my three children involved into the same sort of childhood I had and that I felt they always have missed out on this sort of thing being stuck in a two bedroom flat in a town. The boxes come through your letterbox every month with four crafty or gardening things to do that are easy for children, ranging from planting flowers and vegetables to using the garden and its flowers to make some lovely artwork or home crafts. July’s box is no exception with some seeds to grow some flowers and lettuce. Each task has… View Post

    AD // World Book Day with Viking // Crafting

    World Book Day is something everyone seems to enjoy, from dressing up as your favourite characters to learning and reading brand new books, its a wonderful way to get children to read and have fun. I remember when I worked at a school I was shocked to find that no one did it but now I am a mother I am fully prepared to get my children involved. and involved we shall Viking kindly gifted me a big box of goodies to get creative for World Book Day this year, in the box was different coloured card, stamps, ink, some pieces from books and other wonderful things. I decided to ask my daughter Amelia for help with this as she is a big reader and crafter so naturally she was excited to be able to create something from one of her favorute books, she chose Fastest Pony Ever as her book to craft from and I let her decide what she wanted to do. Using the letter stamps and ink she decided to create the front page of the book and make it into a little poster for her bedroom wall, she really enjoyed using this to make letters and words and… View Post

    Trying out ToucanBox | Review

    With the summer holidays in full swing and occasionally with the weather against us, we have been branching out and trying new fun things with crafting. When the children finished school this year they came home with a little coupon code for Toucanbox which is something I have always wanted to try out with the kids, unfortunately it didn’t go up to my sons age so I put in for two boxes, one for Robin and one for Amelia is the artistic one of the family at the minute. I am one for monthly subscribed boxes and I will have to say this one is my favourite, Amelia and Robin couldn’t wait to dive in and start creating but we waited for a few days so we could dedicate enough time to the fun and adventure of creating. Inside the box there was two craft projects, one was make a mouse out of felt and some bottle cleaners and the other was to create a dream catcher which we are saving for another day, preferring the easier crafts to do with Robin as she is only little with little fingers so would find bigger crafts difficult to do. They both… View Post

    DIY – Suncatchers – Craft Fun

    The Easter holiday has been and gone and we managed to do some wonderful things during the time off from school, with the sun slowly growing warmer and brighter every day I thought it would be a wonderful idea to get the pony beads out and make some sun-catchers for our windows which if you sit in my living room face the sun all day so are perfect. Assortment of plastic beads/pony beads, we got ours from ebay Baking tray, we used a small muffin tin One Oven (obviously) It is honestly really simple and easy way of making beautiful window decorations, place the pony beads into your muffin tins, you can go big or go small its all up to you, preheat your oven to about 200 degrees C (400 degrees or Gas Mark 6 and pop them into the oven once you’ve found a pattern you like, I asked Kai to help me out here and he just chucked them in to make any old pattern, I know its not good to heat plastic inside an oven in a home but as long as you make sure to keep windows open while doing so everything will be fine,… View Post