• Visiting Tilbury Fort // Days Out

    Built in the 16th Century and situated on the Thames Estuary. Tilbury Fort is a wonderful piece of military history that you can visit today. Neil had a week off to take the children and I on some adventures and visiting Tilbury Fort was one of them. Kai, my eldest is really into his history, He doesn’t have a set history in which he likes he just likes history. So Neil thought it would be a good idea to take him as well as the other children to visit the fort for a day out and then head down to South end afterwards for some fun at the beach. T H E  H I S T O R Y  O F  T I L B U R Y  F O R T I could talk about the whole history of Tilbury, however I personally do not feel at all qualified to even start talking about it. Tilbury Fort has a long and amazing military history which spans back hundreds of years. throughout the years its gone through multiple changes but the one thing that remains is the fact that its been a bit part of defending the Thames and London… View Post

    Kidsfest at Lee Valley Farm // Days Out

    During the six weeks of the summer holidays Lee Valley Farm offered up a fun event for children called Kidsfest, The event offers a range of fun things for the children to see and do. Including superheroes, Princesses and of course lots of farm yard animals to feed and meet. K I D S F E S T As a parent, I couldn’t help but feel this event was planned out thoroughly, however for the children this was a fun day out that they enjoyed. Walking into the farm we decided to head towards the smaller creatures area. Where delightfully we saw some essentially wild Guinea pigs that had this huge area to themselves. We are all aware that guinea pigs are notoriously social animals and can get depressed and lonely if left on their own. These guys had four houses and a large area to run in, it was lovely to see them run about. I can see these were some happy Piggies! Up next the children got the opportunity to feed some adorable rabbits, We was given a plan of what was going on during the day and as we arrived it was time for the rabbit feeding,… View Post

    Summer Holiday Plans on a Budget // Parenting

    Six weeks off for the summer holidays can either go two ways; you make plenty of plans and they all go well. Or things just go wrong. Making summer holiday plans on a budget is one of the things I always strive to do.  However being on a budget doesn’t mean that the plans you make cannot be fun, enjoyable and full of memories. P L A N S  O N  A  B U D G E T Subscription Boxes – I always adore subscription boxes and the fact that they come through your letterbox once a month is an added bonus during the months of the summer holidays. My children and I receve the Mud and Bloom box which is all things garden and nature. We get the Sibling Box which has lots of things to do with the three children. Trips to the Seaside – We always go to the seaside for day trips, Great Yarmouth is a fantastic place to visit for the children. Recently my children and I went to Mersea island for the day and it was great fun to explore, despite the weather. Visiting RHS gardens – This one is slightly more pricey however… View Post

    Easter Trail at Cammas Hall // Days Out

    Now I realize this is a little late to the party post but I wanted to share with you what fun we had during the Easter holidays this year, given that lockdown was easing and that it was my birthday on the day we went as well. Easter Adventure time! Cammas Hall is a place ive shared a few times here, we go when we can with my mum whenever the strawberries are out in full bloom and ready for good eats or of course when the pumpkins are ready for picking for Halloween, but I’ve never used the opportunity to go there for any of their other events, this one was a wonderful and fun Easter event that continued through the Easter holidays so there was plenty of time for you to go and enjoy the sunshine and fun. Cammas Hall Farm is found just outside of Harlow in a small village, neatly tucked away from the busy life of the world, I have always enjoyed going there, I often describe it a fun place to photograph as a lot of my fruit photos that I’ve taken have come from here, they house a range of wonderful fruits and… View Post

    Adventures to Paradise Wildlife Park // Days Out

    A few weeks ago after trying to figure out what to do in the final week of the summer holidays, I decided to take the children to a local wildlife park. Not big on zoo’s personally but I was thinking of days out and fun things the children would love to do, so Paradise Wildlife Park was where we went. Paradise Wildlife Park is a large zoo situated in the Hertfordshire countryside, its history doesn’t have the best record as when it first opened it had poor animal care and was considered one of the worst zoos in England and you all know my views on Big Cat and wildlife care when it comes to their homes but over the course of the years they have continued to change, develop and become a much better home for all the creatures they have in their care and also have stopped breeding their white lions which is a huge step in the right direction. Going with my mum, we left after lunch and made our way to Paradise Wildlife Park, being a little worried as the weather wasn’t exactly on our side and it was extremely windy as there was a storm… View Post