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    I struggle with migraines. Once or twice a month I will get one that often lasts for more than a few days and it honestly takes it out of me so much so that I fail at doing any of my self care and completely zone out of life. As far as I can remember I’ve had horrifically bad headaches. It took me suffering with a headache in the middle of a dentist appointment to make me realize I needed to do something about it and find ways of how to deal with migraines. W H A T   I  S   A   M I G R A I N E A migraine, according to the NHS website is an extremely painful headache that the causes are in fact unknown, many people have reported that their migraines have been triggered by smell, food, periods and stress. However it is believed to be much like depression and simply a chemical imbalance and also you might be genetically more inclined to suffer from them. However with anything to do with health you must always talk to a doctor and discuss any possible underlining issues that could cause it. There are of course different types… View Post