• How I got into Photography // Photograhy

    One of my biggest passions in life has always been photography. For a while I was very limited to small digital cameras and even film cameras you send off and develop. But one Christmas it turned out my family had gotten me my first camera. It is a Nikon D60 that came with two lenses. I am not going to lie, I had no idea what I was doing when I first picked up that DLSR camera and started snapping photos. I didn’t know about shutter speeds or even how to take a good photo. I was using flash which I have learnt can sometimes blow out the photo. However I was ready to start learning and I learnt by doing. L E A R N I N G  C U R V E My first couple of photos that I took was of course during Christmas, and a family event on Boxing day eve. Once again as I said I used flash and therefor while I thought they looked good, Looking back on them I can see just how bad they are. And then I became the weirdo on a night out with the unnecessarily large camera. It came… View Post

    Plenty of Fish, but I prefer Me // Lifestyle

    What can I say? life has been unstable for a while now, since October 2018 for that matter but I won’t get to much into that part of this post, Back in January 2019 I downloaded plenty of fish, for those who don’t know plenty of fish is a dating app, I mainly downloaded it because part of me hoped that if my ex saw me with someone else he might want me back, but also I wanted to meet new people. I met and chatted with a few people, did meet someone who I ended up dating for 9 months but as it turns out, he was less interested in being a couple and didn’t even want a label, in the end he dumped me via text and I never spoke to him again. I then downloaded the app back and started messaging people again, once again I met someone on there, met up and it felt good, for a while, we met family and met friends and things felt okay for a little while until he said those three words a little sooner than I preferred, I didn’t feel it back but regrettably, I said it back, I… View Post

    Where did March Go?

    Hi! I know what you are wondering, what exactly happened to me and my blog during march (well probably not), unless you’ve lived under a rock for the past month, or year, March got swallowed up by  by an invisible enemy and honestly. My life stopped dead. I had so many ideas to share, write about and do but I honestly didn’t feel like writing anything, I didn’t feel like my content was really important to share, people are stuck inside and they are probably not interested in what a small time parent blogger things of the latest product they got to review. I had a lovely mothers day gift guide planned but during the week when I was going to post it, the schools got shut down and as I said, life stopped. I do have a plan to share with you the wonderful product those companies sent me in their own separate posts and social media posts as well, as it seems only fair to those companies but I will slow down a little bit with my content mainly because I am now home schooling my children and my anxiety isn’t good with the stress of what’s going… View Post

    2010 – 2020 Time for a better decade! // Lifestyle

    This year hasn’t been the best, and honestly looking back neither has the decade either. I have spent a  lot of it alone, full of anxiety and struggling with very little help. But I refuse to go into a brand new decade with those same problems. I really do not wish to dwell on the past, as if you keep looking back you never can move forward but sometimes looking back can help you not create the same mistakes you’ve made in previous years. I know now how to deal with narcissists, however the emotional and mental damage has been done. What I truly want for the next decade is to get along with people who I don’t really want too but its important I do, I don’t really want to get into to much details but I am thinking of my children with this matter and the things i’ve learnt from this amazing course for separated parents and using it in practice, I have a hope that one day for the sake of the children, we can put aside the petty digs and just get along. I also got dumped again shortly before Christmas, the person who so kindly… View Post

    Goals for 2020 \\ Lifestyle

    With the year coming to a close, not only the year but a whole decade is ending, I look towards the next one with hopes for 2020 that can be achievable in the years to come. Finally pass my driving tests – I am slacking with this department, mainly because I feel failing the theory test, I can drive well but I am much more of a practical person than a bookish person so naturally, driving practically is easy Get to more events – as a blogger, one of the things I fail at is attending events. I unfortunately let my anxiety do all the talking but as its completely under control now I want to go to more fun blogger events. Move – Still pretty much stuck in a two bed flat, I want a bigger home for me and my children, both fur and human. Family Holiday – This year has been a tough one, next year I want to save up and go on an adventure to the coast with my children Get a good job – Yes I am unemployed at the moment, I am sort of stuck in a limbo of not enough hours in… View Post