• September Monthly Goals // Lifestyle

    Good day to all who may read this post! Welcome back to another fun and exciting monthly goals. Due to the fact that my MacBook decided to break on me these goals have unfortunately been published a little later than expected but no matter, I wanted to once again share with you what I hope to achieve this month in September Monthly Goals. But oh well! Last monthly goals I set myself some tasks that I hoped to achieve, not all of them happened but I don’t look at them as goals ‘I must do’ rather than goals I aim to hit but its not much of an issue if I dont hit them. This months goals are similar but a little different, and of course once again they are goals that if I dont hit them all its no biggy!! S E P T E M B E R  M O N T H  G O A L S Be more adventurous – The goal for this month is now that my three children are back at school to go out a lot more on my own or with Neil. I am a notorious homebody and love being local… View Post

    Moving Home Dream Plans // Lifestyle

    AD –  Sponsored Content (Disclaimer) As you probably know if you’ve read my blog recently is that I have moved home, However I have a small plan for the future with my partner Neil and I wanted to share some of them with you. Hopefully some of my plans for moving home will inspire you to think of your own. F U T U R E  P L A N S When we do move in together than plan is to buy the house, at the moment I am renting a property, I have gone from a council house to private renting and now my decorating is limited. Which isnt to much of a big deal; however I used to have a lovely green features wall where my photos sat and I cannot do that now. I honestly miss my green wall in the living room, for now I am making do with accessories. Being able to make your home yours is a big thing for me. It adds personality into the blank canvas that is a new home, and while moving home can be incredibly stressful there is nothing I enjoy more than preparing and planning room designs and… View Post

    Beautiful Art Prints by Created by Magic // Review and Giveaway!

    Art is a something of beauty, regardless of how its made child made or professionally, I love putting artwork up. What with moving into a new house I was given the chance to truly express myself with artwork. Despite not being able to repaint any of the walls, it hasn’t stopped me from putting up new pieces of art and beautiful art prints. As you are all probably well aware of from my social media and from various blog posts on my blog. I love cats, I have shared all sorts of posts about them ranging from custom socks and beautiful comfortable pet comforts. But do you know what I do not have much of? Art prints of my friendly feline friends! I do however have a stunning piece of art that my aunt made that is of my mainecoon Loki; However I felt the other furry friend in my life needed to be on my walls too. C R E A T E D  B Y  M A G I C Created by Magic is a wonderful website that you can use to buy beautiful and amazing gifts. From absolutely stunning wedding stationery to beautiful art prints of your… View Post

    The Big Move // Home

    We did it! This is part of the reason why I’ve been almost dead on my blog for the past… month maybe?. My children and I have moved into a much bigger home and naturally things got a little crazy! We’ve gone from a tiny two bedroom ground floor flat to a huge (in my children’s eyes) four bedroom house and I’ll just say that moving is the single most stressful experience of my life. W h y  T h e  M o v e? The simple answer is, my children. For years now we’ve been in a two bedroom flat and even after we went from a family of five to a family of four, it still was cramped and we had no privacy or our own space. Gradually my son turned 11 and according to the council and their tenancy agreement it’s actually illegal for my 11 year old son to share a bedroom with his 9 year old sister, and along with the fact that during lockdown the council lovingly closed their housing list despite the fact that you could view and move home. We essentially are stuck. During first lockdown last year, not only was I… View Post

    My Self Care Ideas for the Atypical // Lifestyle

    Even if you have a busy life or not, Self Care is an extremely important part of anyone’s day. Everyone seems to be sharing their top tips at self care lately and while they are fantastic, some things on their list arent for me. Jenny from Jenny in Neverland shared on her blog some delightful and Unusual self care ideas and it inspired me to share some of my own. I am not the typical normal girl, without sounding like I think I am better than others, and while I do love the odd candle and bath, I have some unusual self care activities that I do to help me calm and relax at home.   T H E   I M P O R T A N C E   O F   S E L F – C A R E. We often find that in our busy lives that we forget the most important person when it comes to caring, ourselves. We more often than not work hard but rarely play hard too, taking time out for ourselves during the busy manic rush of the week is overlooked and ignored. But we must always find time to practice self care… View Post