• Whats in my Make-up Bag // Beauty

    Not being much of a beauty blogger, I do have my fair share of makeup and beauty products stored away, I do very much love makeup, Not one to spend a fortune on things that go onto my face, a lot of the products I own are the cheaper brands but that doesn’t take away from their ability to be good products that do their job just fine. I have pretty much used the same mascara for roughly ten years, obviously not the same bottle but the same brand and style, Big Shot Mascara by Maybelline is hands down the most wonderful mascara I have owned, I adore how the formula covers the eyelashes and creates a somewhat false lash look, since I got some there was no looking back, pretty much alone with eyebrows. As I explained in my post Everyday Brows I explained that my eyebrows are unfortunately very fair and I’ve been using once again another fabulous Maybelline product, Brow Drama in the shade light brown along with the brow pencil. Foundation on my face I always start with some coconut oil, its a big staple in my life and it has so many uses, I primarily use… View Post

    Glossybox Monthly Roundup – August 2019

    This is a post that I had begun to start missing writing, I get a monthly box full of makeup and beautiful products and I would often sit down at the beginning of the month to share with you what I got, so I decided that now I am back into a swing of writing and creating content I thought to start it up again. This months box is actually stunning, I love collecting the pretty style boxes, so much so that I have a large collection on my book shelves which my partner saw the other night and asked what they were, embarrassingly, I am a magpie and the fact that this months box is a giant shiny thing I am really attracted to it. This months box celebrates Glossybox and its birthday, all the items bar one are full size which is alway a delight, one of my favourite things about the glossbox monthly is that more often than not it has full size products inside it. HUDA BEAUTY – Lip Strobe This is now the second Huda Beauty product that I own, from I believe a previous Glossybox I got another liquid lipstick and I honestly lovely… View Post

    Everyday Brow || How I Do My Make-up

    Now I have mentioned a few times already that I am basically a makeup noob, I don’t know what this brush does or what that powder is for but one thing that I pride myself on is knowing how to make my barely there eyebrows appear magically onto my face! As you can tell by this ghastly photo of myself that my eyebrows are extremely fair, Most of my life I have been the butt of all jokes relating to plucking them to much but its just my genetics felt like they wanted to be the comedic artists and doom me with not a lot in the brow department but I discovered while reading a handy beauty book made from the 1980’s a neat little trick into darkening up those light brow hairs and I will share that tip with you.. A semi dry mascara brush! Simple, so simple that I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before, I was around 18/19 when I discovered this trick and I honestly never looked back! of course I had shitty eyebrow days like everyone, far to much pencil or far to dark, but as I grew I learnt new tricks,… View Post

    Glossybox Pride Edition – August Roundup

    Another month gone which means one thing, Another Glossybox, last months box did get a little ignored, mainly because my month was so busy with the summer holidays and the fact we went away, so I decided to not do July’s and share you Augusts. This months box is all about Pride, the box is a beautiful rainbow and is full of amazing products that are full size,and all designed to bring more love and vibrancy into your life. Whats In The Box…  Ink Me Stamp and Sticker Tattoos –  An adorable heart stamp and some sparkly sticker tattoos? what more could you ask for, Perfect for festival time and of course for the Pride events going on over the country, Amelia has been enjoying the heart stamp and I have to admit I do love it too, The sticker tattoos just remind me of my childhood when I had become obsessed with stick on tattoos and covered my body with them, they are beautiful, pretty and of course fun. Victoria Secret’s PINK Selfie Skin Sheet Mask –  Not being much a fan of sheet masks, I always find them to be to sticky for my skin, but I like… View Post