• AD // Bloom and Blossom – The Very Hungry Caterpillar // Review

    Bath time in our house is a serious business type of deal, and I am always on the look out for new and fun things to add to the water. Excitingly Bloom and Blossom have some amazing bath products to try out. Bloom and Blossom are a family run business that strives on sustainability, which is something I am all for when it comes to household products. Even more so when its to do with my children and their skin. Delightfully they use only natural ingredients, contain no nasty micro plastics and are not tested on animals which is so important today. Getting a good nights sleep is important to children, and when bath time is concerned anything that contains lavender helps towards a peaceful sleep for all, Bloom and Blossom’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar ‘Bath, Book & Bedtime’ range is all about aiding in assisting children to sleep. The bubble bath contains two beautiful smelling scents; jasmine and lavender which contrast each other well. Adding it to the water creates lots of blissfully smelling bubbles, filling the air with calming scents from trying it out, helped towards a good nights sleep. The bath and body wash, which is in the same… View Post

    Hape Sand Toys | Review

    Do you ever feel like your children have enough toys? surely not! my children for one have said to me that they do not have this one or that one and will come to me with wants and asks for me to look up on amazon and purchase for ‘when we get a bigger house’. But the one thing I am not going to say no too is toys for the beach, mainly because we don’t have that many, so when we was offered to review some fun sand toys designed by Hape, how could I say no?! I have previously been gifted a beautiful wooden train from Hape so I knew from that I was going to get something high quality and good fun and honestly they couldn’t come at a better time as that week we went to the beach with my dad, there will be a little post coming up with our adventures of that day.. The three toys we received were the Hape Power Claw, Rain Shovel and the Dune Buggy, which have been used time and again in the sand at the seaside, it even prompted me into buying a low bucket and some play… View Post

    Trying out ToucanBox | Review

    With the summer holidays in full swing and occasionally with the weather against us, we have been branching out and trying new fun things with crafting. When the children finished school this year they came home with a little coupon code for Toucanbox which is something I have always wanted to try out with the kids, unfortunately it didn’t go up to my sons age so I put in for two boxes, one for Robin and one for Amelia is the artistic one of the family at the minute. I am one for monthly subscribed boxes and I will have to say this one is my favourite, Amelia and Robin couldn’t wait to dive in and start creating but we waited for a few days so we could dedicate enough time to the fun and adventure of creating. Inside the box there was two craft projects, one was make a mouse out of felt and some bottle cleaners and the other was to create a dream catcher which we are saving for another day, preferring the easier crafts to do with Robin as she is only little with little fingers so would find bigger crafts difficult to do. They both… View Post

    Adventures to Knebworth House | Days Out

    These weeks in the summer holidays are certainly flying past and due to chicken pox and occasional bad weather a lot of our plans have gone out of the window, but as my wonderful mum had some days off to spend some time with me and the kids, we decide to head out to Knebworth gardens and house, which is this big fancy Manor House in near Were. I had originally found this place when looking for fun things to do with the children on facebook and someone shared a blog which talked about it, the fact that it had a huge slide and a dinosaur trail was the big selling point for the children so we planned a day out. We did make the silly choice of going before lunch time so everyone in the car kept talking about being hungry, thankfully we had some snacks ready and once we got there we had planned on grabbing some lunch which was the choice between a cheese toaste or a ham toaste, the children decided on ice cream, nice and healthy haha! but I knew we was going to have a large dinner I wasn’t too worried about what went… View Post

    Recipe | vegetarian pizza party!

    Not really a recipe, but we often have fun meal times which the children make their own meals, they love it and I enjoy it too because it just means that its unlikely anyone will be upset with what they have for dinner.. which as we all know is a common thing children go through. Tonights fun meal is what I am going to share with you today, Pizza Party! Now the last time we had one of these was New Years eve, my mum had come round to see us and help us shop for the bits we need, but unfortunately back then we couldn’t find any premade pizza dough and settled for some plain cheese bases to add our toppings on. This time however, and I know how to make my own pizza dough but decided for time and convience we would use Sainsburys premade dough and made them ourselves.   What you’ll need – One ready made pizza dough, or make your own. Tomato Paste. Cheese (Ours was vegetarian friendly) Toppings of your choice we used; quorn pepperoni and ham. What we did – I prepped the pizza dough for the children and turned on the oven… View Post