• September Monthly Goals // Lifestyle

    Good day to all who may read this post! Welcome back to another fun and exciting monthly goals. Due to the fact that my MacBook decided to break on me these goals have unfortunately been published a little later than expected but no matter, I wanted to once again share with you what I hope to achieve this month in September Monthly Goals. But oh well! Last monthly goals I set myself some tasks that I hoped to achieve, not all of them happened but I don’t look at them as goals ‘I must do’ rather than goals I aim to hit but its not much of an issue if I dont hit them. This months goals are similar but a little different, and of course once again they are goals that if I dont hit them all its no biggy!! S E P T E M B E R  M O N T H  G O A L S Be more adventurous – The goal for this month is now that my three children are back at school to go out a lot more on my own or with Neil. I am a notorious homebody and love being local… View Post

    December Monthly Goals // Lifestyle

    With December finally being here I decided to go back to my roots when it came to blogging and share with you, my monthly goals. I am pretty useless when it comes to completing my monthly goals and even following through with doing a full year of monthly goals, I blame my mental health taking a little beating during the summer and lockdown, but here I am ready to share Relax – I am not going to stress too much this month, I have been worried and a little stressed in November and I am not going to let December ruin things for me, life is too short to stress about pointless things Watch More Movies – I have been gaming a lot lately and I want to try and spend my evenings when my children go to bed to relax in front of a film. Improve my blog – My blog took a little beating a while back, because I changed my url my Domain Authority changed and I have been struggling to get it back to where it was before the change, however I am going to use this month to properly work on it and make some… View Post

    Goals for March 2020 // Lifestyle

    What can I say? I am a terrible person when it comes to completeting goals. February came and went and I barely had time for anything besides being a parent and house work, which is my daily life in general but I still managed to read some books (I have a review coming up soon of one) and while my DA didn’t go up it didn’t go down either so I am considering that a win win. March is a little bit more of a hectic month with mothers day, various PTA events that I am helping with and my sons 10th birthday so you can imagine that there isnt much room for Sarah time this month but no matter. Here are my goals for March 2020 W o r k  m o r e  o n  m y  b l o g – Simple and easy, i’ve slacked a little bit with this but I have got so many ideas to share with you, I am forever writing down post ideas and I want to do more personal posts and information posts along with my usual reviews and adventures, hopefully I can find time to do this. P u t… View Post

    Goals for August – 2019

    So I am not very good at this blogging thing, more so with the fact that we are two weeks into summer holidays so a lot of stuff has been left on pause and unfortunately because I have been far to tired in the evenings I haven’t felt the energy to write when everyone goes to bed. But anyway, August is here at last, one month to go before the leaves start to drop and its the best season ever, I have a few simple goals for this month that I hope to achieve or come close to getting done before September begins. Pass my theory test – scheduled for the 19th August is my theory test, it is literally the only thing standing in the way of me driving and I need to get that passed, I am extremely nervous about it but I have high hopes. I am desperate to get driving and taking my children on adventures! Finish painting my home – I have been slowly doing up my flat of late, mainly due to costs being a big factor in taking a while to get it down but I am almost finished, I have my bedroom… View Post