• Why the silence?…

    Hi! I didn’t really go anywhere, I guess you can see that my old social media’s that had been connected to my blog got deleted and removed, purely for privacy reasons and trying to remove images of my children off social media as I believe and have always believed in keeping their privacy intact. There was one thing however while I went on a small hiatus, which is something that occurs often when I stop doing things that I love and enjoy and that’s just how much I missed writing, photography and blogging. My fingers have been itching to get back to my website again and share my world with the wonderful wide web again. So… what’s been happening I hear you not ask, surprisingly a few things have happened. During the course of the majority of this year England has been locked down, during that time Ive done practically bugger all besides home school children, feed children, entertain children, play video games and spending time with Neil. Which has been a wild time of stress and to be honest, lots of laughs giving that I am atrociously bad at maths so brought in some slave labour in the form… View Post

    A Clean Start.

    I honestly don’t know where to begin with all of this.. I turned my blog off a while back because of the situation I was under which unfortunately still hasn’t sorted itself out, I wont go into to much details but honestly.. don’t get married.. ever!! But I was getting itchy fingers, I missed the routine that I had with blogging, taking time out of my daily schedule to sit down in front of a laptop and spew words onto the page, so here I am.. back again with a passion and I am so glad to turn my ol’ blog back on and share my life a little bit with you once again. So whats changed? Well for one thing I am beginning to feel a little bit more like me again, I have developed my humor and become more outgoing, I am still learning to drive and I am loving every second of it and once I have some time I am booking my tests and passing them! I met someone amazing which I wasn’t expecting, back in early January I decided to download the dating app Plenty of Fish, part for a joke and part because I… View Post