• AD // Home Education with Mrs Mactivity // Review

    Home schooling and home education has always been something I wanted to achieve, I pride myself on the knowledge and tricks that I gained from working with children in the past, working in school and my qualification in childcare and early years education but unfortunately it has been a good few years I put that knowledge into practice so I needed a little help. Mrs Mactivity is an online resource for home education and teachers to find and print off work sheets and other fun things for the children to do and learn from, I was so grateful that I was given the opportunity to try out what the website had to offer and include it into the daily fun of home ed that the children school have given us. The beauty of Mrs Mactivity is that it follows the curriculum so you know that the children in your care are getting the correct education, its set out in the different key stages and into different categories, Maths, English, Topic, to help searching for what you need nice and easy. Created by Heather who herself is a teacher found that looking online for projects and print offs wasn’t so easy… View Post

    AD // Educational Posters from LookLearn // Review

    Recently I’ve been looking at adding educational posters and artwork around my home for the children to enjoy and use in their daily lives, LookLearn has facilitated that need brilliantly with their wonderful and simple poster designed that not only look stylish but also bring the school into the home. I am now looking at home schooling my youngest and these sort of posters and artwork is something that I have been interested in for a while, easy to learn from and look beautiful in their bedroom I have found my two eldest using it during bedtime when they have their hour of calm down. I can hear them counting and shouting out the times table in unison and its been so wonderful to hear. When LookLearn asked us to review their amazing products I naturally couldn’t decide on what one to actually get, after much thought and questions from the children we settled on the times tables and in green (because that Robin’s favourite colour) however I am also going to order a couple more to add to the children’s bedroom and honestly my own too as I find them so unique and fun to have around the home.… View Post

    Recipe | vegetarian pizza party!

    Not really a recipe, but we often have fun meal times which the children make their own meals, they love it and I enjoy it too because it just means that its unlikely anyone will be upset with what they have for dinner.. which as we all know is a common thing children go through. Tonights fun meal is what I am going to share with you today, Pizza Party! Now the last time we had one of these was New Years eve, my mum had come round to see us and help us shop for the bits we need, but unfortunately back then we couldn’t find any premade pizza dough and settled for some plain cheese bases to add our toppings on. This time however, and I know how to make my own pizza dough but decided for time and convience we would use Sainsburys premade dough and made them ourselves.   What you’ll need – One ready made pizza dough, or make your own. Tomato Paste. Cheese (Ours was vegetarian friendly) Toppings of your choice we used; quorn pepperoni and ham. What we did – I prepped the pizza dough for the children and turned on the oven… View Post

    Puff Pastry Pies | Babyled Spreads Review.

    Babyled was founded off the back of basic parenting worries, weaning, Keith and his wife decided to introduce their new baby when it was time to wean to a mixed feeding routine of solid and purees, developing a spread that can be mixed into pasta or made into a little sandwich, Its such a unique way to deal with the cross over between BLW and Traditional weaning which usually is full of arguments on which one is best. Our weaning journey was extremely different, I found Robin to not be ready when it came time for her to wean into solid food, at six months she still had the reflex to push food out of her mouth when given some, We went down the traditional weaning route with purees that increase texture as she got older and a mixture of jars and homemade products. As she got older, we still had plenty of these early stage purees in the cupboard, which prompted me to create little pies or pinwheels that she or even Kai and Amelia devoured whenever I made them, So when I was sent these cute little jars of Babyled spreads I had to make some little puff… View Post