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    So we all do this, go through life promising to be consistent with blogging and updating here daily or twice a week, and then something comes along and changes the mood; my mental health has been all over the place these past few weeks with the children going back to school and other things occurring that I do not wish to talk about publicly. So I decided to find this post that Jenny in Neverland did a while back and what better than to shake off some blogging blues with a little tag post! … and I’ve see these interviews online, I promise I won’t be annoying walking around doing household jobs while I answer haha. T H E  7 3  V O U G E  Q U E S T I O N S  T A G. 1. What is your usual Starbucks order? I don’t really like Starbucks, I am more of a costa person, However Tim Hortons recently opened in my town and its safe to say I am addicted to their white hot chocolate. 2. What does your workstation look like right now? A mess, I don’t have a desk yet so I am working from… View Post

    Why the silence?…

    Hi! I didn’t really go anywhere, I guess you can see that my old social media’s that had been connected to my blog got deleted and removed, purely for privacy reasons and trying to remove images of my children off social media as I believe and have always believed in keeping their privacy intact. There was one thing however while I went on a small hiatus, which is something that occurs often when I stop doing things that I love and enjoy and that’s just how much I missed writing, photography and blogging. My fingers have been itching to get back to my website again and share my world with the wonderful wide web again. So… what’s been happening I hear you not ask, surprisingly a few things have happened. During the course of the majority of this year England has been locked down, during that time Ive done practically bugger all besides home school children, feed children, entertain children, play video games and spending time with Neil. Which has been a wild time of stress and to be honest, lots of laughs giving that I am atrociously bad at maths so brought in some slave labour in the form… View Post

    Guy Fawkes at Home // Personal

    Here in England on the 5th November every year we celebrate Guy Fawkes Night. This night is made famous for a single act of almost rebellion under the houses of parliament in 1604. Well some say rebellion, others would say terrorism, but what occurred on that day is now a huge part in British history and of course entertainment. Gone are the days when someone with a wheelbarrow and a Guy Fawkes straw model who would knock at your door and ask for a ‘penny for the guy’. But we still have the tradition of a huge bonfire and loud but beautiful fireworks. However, due to COVID19 and now a brand new lockdown which prevents all sorts of fun and enjoyable family things, I have decided, against my better judgement to purchase some fireworks and sparklers and enjoy some time outside. You have no idea how hard it was to find these sparklers, in the end I got my mum to go on the hunt for them for me, in her shopping trip she also got us some Roman candles which originally the plan didnt involve them at all, I was just offering sparklers and a run around outside in… View Post

    Thoughts and Feelings of Lockdown 2 // Personal

    This may end up being a little bit of a rambling post, primarily because I have a lot in my mind in regards to Lockdown 2 : The Sequel. Yup I am going with humour with how I cope with it, mainly because if I didn’t laugh id probably cry, but also I find it different second time around. My feelings back in March when the first lockdown happened was fear and worry, full of the unknown and it felt strange. Taking the children out of school back in March honestly felt like it was the end of the world. …But now?.. Not so much, mainly because they aren’t closing the schools, there have been plans in place for when that happens so a lot of the homeschooling isn’t placed onto the parents, but I am glad that the schools aren’t closing, which we can all agree is the polar opposite of how I felt back in march. Am I desensitised by it all? I know how the school classroom bubbles work and in my school it has worked wonderfully, I can safely say that there have been no isolation of classes since the return of school back in September.… View Post

    Labour in One Word // Parenting

    Looking back on my memories from when I had my three children, the one thing that stands out to me with each of them just how different their labour and deliveries were. Labour is one of the first exciting steps into motherhood, its a hard and stressful time full of pain and worries but in the end the outcome is most of the time positive with a baby at the end and a love no one ever truly understands unless they feel it for themselves. ** Life long – We do forget, thats for sure, the pain goes away and once that fresh new baby is in our arms everything is swiftly forgotten but the one thing that remains is the memory of the moment a new life is handed to you, fresh from the womb that you created over nine months, the waiting has come to an end and it the start of a brand new chapter. Acceptance – Things change, our bodies change and with that we need to accept that our role has changed completely. we are no longer a wife or a girlfriend, we are a mother, accepting that sometimes things go wrong with for an… View Post