• How to Cope with Life Stress. // Mental Health

    We all at some point struggle, find things hard and cannot cope with day to day activities, sometimes we put on a brave face and ‘keep calm and carry on’. but in these times of high stress and quite frankly god horrid times the limit of which we consider breaking point has gotten a little smaller and easier to reach. This got me thinking, what do I do when I have reached my absolute limit of how much I can deal with, how do I cope with life when life feels like its at its worst and I wanted to share with you those tips that I use daily, some times I do use more than one a day to help with certain situations and others do their job just fine for the day. How I Cope Take time out, walking away from a situation is always the best strategy, it helps you calm down and think rationally about what the task ahead is, there is no shame in walking away from a fight, mentally or physically, if you know deep down that you cannot deal with it then it is almost always best to back off, sit down quietly… View Post

    Life after COVID 19 // Personal

    We are now one full month of lockdown, life is strange, which is something I often repeat to anyone at the minute because it is, quite frankly, really strange that now we cannot do the things we did so normally a few weeks ago. And it got me thinking about everything I took for granted, everything I did and cannot wait to get back to doing so I wanted to share with you lots of things that me and my children want to get at once this lockdown is over and we have finally kicked covid 19 out of here! ** ~ Visit family ~ Meet friends at the park ~ Going to the shops together ~ Going into London for days out ~ Go back to school ~ Go to Wild and Wacky ~ Have a McDonalds ~ Enjoy a drink at the pub ~ Watch live bands ~ Have my monthly meal with the girls ~ Sleep overs ~ Visit the beach ~ Go to the woods ~ Doing the school runs   ** I know that last sound super weird to anyone apart from me but there was always something to joyful and fun during the school… View Post

    2010 – 2020 Time for a better decade! // Lifestyle

    This year hasn’t been the best, and honestly looking back neither has the decade either. I have spent a  lot of it alone, full of anxiety and struggling with very little help. But I refuse to go into a brand new decade with those same problems. I really do not wish to dwell on the past, as if you keep looking back you never can move forward but sometimes looking back can help you not create the same mistakes you’ve made in previous years. I know now how to deal with narcissists, however the emotional and mental damage has been done. What I truly want for the next decade is to get along with people who I don’t really want too but its important I do, I don’t really want to get into to much details but I am thinking of my children with this matter and the things i’ve learnt from this amazing course for separated parents and using it in practice, I have a hope that one day for the sake of the children, we can put aside the petty digs and just get along. I also got dumped again shortly before Christmas, the person who so kindly… View Post

    Goals for 2020 \\ Lifestyle

    With the year coming to a close, not only the year but a whole decade is ending, I look towards the next one with hopes for 2020 that can be achievable in the years to come. Finally pass my driving tests – I am slacking with this department, mainly because I feel failing the theory test, I can drive well but I am much more of a practical person than a bookish person so naturally, driving practically is easy Get to more events – as a blogger, one of the things I fail at is attending events. I unfortunately let my anxiety do all the talking but as its completely under control now I want to go to more fun blogger events. Move – Still pretty much stuck in a two bed flat, I want a bigger home for me and my children, both fur and human. Family Holiday – This year has been a tough one, next year I want to save up and go on an adventure to the coast with my children Get a good job – Yes I am unemployed at the moment, I am sort of stuck in a limbo of not enough hours in… View Post

    My First Tattoo

    This title makes it sound very childish but you know what, I do not care! For the most of my life I have always wanted to get myself a tattoo, I didn’t know what I wanted or where I wanted it. I have been around people with them a lot so I always considered them something pretty awesome and beautiful, my mum has a few, her partner has a few and a lot of my good friends are inked up so it was inevitable that at some point I would jump the gun and get one myself. Since the separation I have been using body modifications as a form of rebellion, I got my nose pierced purely because I have wanted it but he wasn’t fond of it, now he isn’t here, I am doing all the things I have wanted to do and once I got money on my 33rd birthday, I decided then and there that I was going to book up and scar myself with art. By this point, I knew exactly what I wanted, I knew where I wanted it and the only thing really holding me back was the big fear of pain that I… View Post