• A Clean Start.

    I honestly don’t know where to begin with all of this.. I turned my blog off a while back because of the situation I was under which unfortunately still hasn’t sorted itself out, I wont go into to much details but honestly.. don’t get married.. ever!! But I was getting itchy fingers, I missed the routine that I had with blogging, taking time out of my daily schedule to sit down in front of a laptop and spew words onto the page, so here I am.. back again with a passion and I am so glad to turn my ol’ blog back on and share my life a little bit with you once again. So whats changed? Well for one thing I am beginning to feel a little bit more like me again, I have developed my humor and become more outgoing, I am still learning to drive and I am loving every second of it and once I have some time I am booking my tests and passing them! I met someone amazing which I wasn’t expecting, back in early January I decided to download the dating app Plenty of Fish, part for a joke and part because I… View Post

    BCApril Meet Up // Parenting

    The BC April Mummy Meet Up I am a member of a secret group on Facebook full to the brim of awesome ladies and adorable babies, We had talked about doing a BCapril meet up a few times but the only issue we had was the fact that everyone was dotted around the country and there was never a settlement on when/where and what time would be best for all of us.. It went quiet about the subject for a while, but one of the wonderful ladies decided to mention it again as one of the dates that had been picked was slowly appearing in the calendar and the subject came up again, I convinced my mum and.. Off to Birmingham we go and to the first BCapril meet up! R and I stayed over my mums house on the Friday night, our train in the morning was at 8:20 so it made a bit of sense to just have us stay over the night before rather than get a very panicky me onto a train all by myself. We woke up around 5 am, well R woke up at 5am, we just got up with her and got ready,… View Post