• Photograph Sunday // Photography

    Well slap my arse and call me stupid for I got so busy on my Sunday that I completely forgot about my new/old series, But never mind for I am here now and bringing you Photograph Sunday on a monday! Todays photo from last week is this one that I tool while Matthew and I went to the Tate Modern, The Tate is one of the many free entry places in London that I think people forget are free, I will be writing up a little post about our adventure but today is about one single photo. What would you say this is made of? when I first saw it I thought it was either sand or soft brown sugar, believe it or not this is a model made out of couscous! it reminds me a lot of the sand sculptures that my children have made during our trips to the seaside. The urge to touch it was a strong one! ** Please follow and like us:

    Adventures to Ashridge

    Whenever I see my boyfriend we always plan some days out together, sometimes its a simple trip to the coast which is by far my favourite of adventures but lately I am obsessed with going on long walks around gardens and beautiful places. The other weekend when my children went to their dad and his girlfriends house, my lovely guy friend suggested we take a little trip to Ashridge, which is roughly 2000 acers of woodland with a beautiful home in the middle of it. it wasn’t to far away and compared to the other national trust locations wasn’t to expensive either. The weather of course wasn’t on our side but that didn’t stop us from having a wonderful Saturday walking around, exploring the woodland and catching glimpses of wildlife here and there, S was sure he saw a hornet and I of course kept the look out for any robins that I could see, there was so many old and beautiful trees dotted about and the trail we followed took us around this stunning meadow full of tall grass and fox gloves. Whenever I go to these places I always imagine that my children would love it, this by… View Post