• School Can Be Cool by Maleka Mamuji Kindle Edition // Review

    School Can be Cool is a wonderful collection of five short stories by the wonderful Maleka Mamuji who came to England when she was six years old from Kenya and uses her memories from her experiences as a child during those times, she wrote the book in the hopes to help children enjoy their own experiences at school which as we know can be full of scary and new situations. The first story ‘Rashida’s first day in a new school’ tells the tale of a little girl who comes Kenya to Manchester and has to start a brand new school in a new country, Rashida experiences the normal sorts of worries as any other child would, making new friends and being able to fit in and misses her old friends from her other school, she dreams that her new school headmistress is a grumpy woman and that her new teacher kept giving her hard work that she couldn’t do, many other fears occurred in her dream that caused her to wake up in a fright and hide under her bed which is where her mother finds her in the morning. after getting ready for the day she meets her new headmistress,… View Post

    Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs by Caitlin Doughty // Review

    Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs by the wonderful and clever mortician Caitlin Doughty has been on my read list for a little while now. Not sure if you are aware of who she is but she is this incredibly smart and thought provoking women on youtube who talks about all things death and encourages people to never stop asking questions in regards to the thing we all will experience at some point in our lives, she with her humour has an amazing ability to do what she set out to do and that is bring positivity to something many of us consider scary, morbid and sad. death, which I agree with her, is a part of life and while it can be a frighting thing to think about, I have found through watching her videos and reading her books that there isn’t much to be scared of. I discovered her a while ago when I was going through a youtube hike and I came across her video about the Titanic’s dead which I will link here if you wish to view it yourself, and from then on I was pretty much hooked. She’s insightful, interesting and pretty funny with… View Post