• Getting Our Tree from Larkins Farm // Review // Christmas 2020

    Finding our Christmas tree this year was always going to be a task, due to Covid 19 and the fact that England was once again in a lighter version of lockdown, I was extremely worried that we wouldn’t get one. However through the children’s’ school and a wonderful email that they sent out that gave us all a 20% discount code for a local Christmas tree seller, I was feeling a lot more relaxed in the knowledge that our dream Christmas would be coming true after all. Larkins Farm which is located right in the middle of Epping and Chelmsford, I had no idea there was one there or that they offered a delivery to your door services, but with the fact that we couldn’t actually go out and get the tree, I decided to order one from them thanks to the schools discount code. After thinking it through and talking with my children we decided on going for a much smaller but longer lasting potted tree, going with a 4 foot tree that would end up in the garden when we finally move sounded like a perfect idea for us, while we would of course continue getting trees inside… View Post

    Little Box Massive Impact // Sustainable living with Save Money Cut Carbon // Review

    This year has been all about finding a way to be more sustainable and help reduce our carbon footprint. This little box from Save Money Cut Carbon is a fantastic way to try and add more sustainable products into our every day lives and help the planet that we live on. The website itself was set up to create easy access to some of the big brands who are also big on clean living, they provide for not only business but for homes as well so you can purchase through their website for product to help create a more green living space. Joining their club will give you access to price matches on any of their products, if you find it cheaper they will price match it, a free swap box full of items that you can swap existing products in your daily lives, I for one love the bamboo plasters, free products whenever you make your first order through the website, exclusive products and so much more. There are two types of club memberships that you can apply for, one is for trade and one is for the home, the one that I received which was kindly gifted is… View Post

    Happy Howlidays // The Pet Advent Calendar from Scrumbles // Review

    If you have been around here on my blog long enough you will know that I tend not to mention the ‘C’ word until perhaps mid December, but this year, given that we’ve spent the majority of it inside our homes and stressed, I decided to change that up a bit and introduce you to Scrumbles and their wonderful pet advent calendar. We’ve all heard of the makeup advent, chocolate ones and even a gin one but I had no idea you could even get ones for your pets and Scrumbles comes through with good quality pet food which is made in the UK. The story of Scrumbles started out, funnily enough, with a cat and her smelly poo, which is a charming thing to talk about in a post about Christmas, but as a responsible pet owner it is always important to take proper care in what goes into our furry friends as it will inevitably come back out again. Their desire to settle poor Boo’s tummy and doing research to learn that pet food these days isn’t as healthy as it lets on, Scrumbles was created with their delightful hypoallergenic pet food for both dog and cat, also… View Post

    Mud & Bloom July 2020 Box // Review

    Given that it is now summer holidays in England, and seeing Mud and Bloom advertised everywhere on my social medias I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try out this fun and interactive box designed for children in mind. Mud and Bloom was set up in December 2017 by a wonderful woman named Anja, who believed that all children, despite where they live should dive into the world of gardening and caring for plants and I have to agree, growing up in the countryside myself I have always been around farmers, big gardens, allotments and mud so I have always wanted to get my three children involved into the same sort of childhood I had and that I felt they always have missed out on this sort of thing being stuck in a two bedroom flat in a town. The boxes come through your letterbox every month with four crafty or gardening things to do that are easy for children, ranging from planting flowers and vegetables to using the garden and its flowers to make some lovely artwork or home crafts. July’s box is no exception with some seeds to grow some flowers and lettuce. Each task has… View Post

    Growing our own Butterflies with InsectLore // Review

    Who doesn’t like butterflies? I know that my children do and after seeing Insectlore advertised all over my facebook in my homeschooling groups, the choice was made to order and try it out for our own enjoyment. Insect Lore is a wonderful company that supplies home schoolers and even actual schools with a fun butterfly garden pack that includes live caterpillars, a place to keep the butterflies when they hatch, due to the sheer popularity of Insect Lore when you place an order you have to select a set time in which you will be receiving your kit, I ordered mine to be delivered at the end of May and ill be honest, I sort of forgot about it all until it arrived at my front door. Coming in such a lovely box with all the instructions on how to feed and care for your butterflies which I found perfect for children to look over and read I couldn’t fault this company or their care of their insects and products. The caterpillars come in a small plastic tub which contains the food in which they eat during their growth period which took roughly a week for them to become bigger… View Post