• Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato Soup // Recipes

      S W E E T   P O T A T O  +  B U T T E R N U T  S Q U A S H  S O U P For the longest time I love simply just cooking soup for when its a bit horrible outside, and one of my personal favorites has to be this wonderful little experiment I did once cold autumn day. Mixing Sweet Potato and butternut squash just simple makes sense. Both are filling and tasty and can make you feel all warm inside. There are countless yummy soup recipes out there that I highly recommend you try so being able to share you my own is important. W H Y  I  L I K E  S O U P I mean, who doesn’t? Soup is easy to make and can be frozen for when you need it, anything and everything can go into it. There is nothing more delightful than cooking up a soup on a cold day and having the wonderful scents fill the home. It creates such a homely feeling and reminds me of my childhood of having soup for lunches, although mine were canned soups, but that doesn’t stop… View Post