• Holly Jolly Tag // Christmas 2020

    I have not done one of these tags in years, I love doing tags as they are such a lovely way to learn a little more about the bloggers you follow and read, thanks to Mind Beauty Simplicity and her fun tag she shared on twitter that popped up in my feed, I decided to give it ago as well.. Christmas related.. of course! What is your favourite holiday movie? – Now, this one is a hard one, mainly because I have a few favourite Christmas movies, I have two, one is Home Alone, which is a great Christmas movie to enjoy with he children… and the other is Die Hard, yes I am one of those who think its a christmas film, because it is! What is your favorite Christmas color? – Green? is that a christmas colour? I tend to decorate completely random colours, currently my tree decorations are gold and blue with the odd random tartan thrown in… but definitely green Do you like to stay in your PJs or dress up for Christmas? – I like to dress up a bit, however this year I will be spending a lot of my time in my PJs because…… View Post

    My Firsts – Tag

    I have been extremely afk from my blog for a little bit, with the mixture of holidays away, the kittens off for the holidays and sicknesses its taken a back burner in my life but that is completely fair, so to jump back into the blogging world I start with a tag that I borrowed from Jenny in Neverland which you can read her post here, you know me and my tags, I love a good lazy tag to sit and enjoy but enough of me rambling on.. lets do this thing! First app you check when you wake up in the morning? Honestly its whatever app has the most notifications, usually twitter and on occasion I check TimeHop. First broken bone? My little toe, the one that is always hit whenever you walk through a doorway without shoes on, I am cringing as I type this as the pain is horrific. First foreign country you ever visited? Majorca, we always went as family and rented a villa out, I have many fond memories from those holidays. My first make-up item? Some cheap eye shadow palette that my dad and step mum got me for Christmas one year, I have only… View Post